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Laurie Lieberman*

Current Board Member

As a School Board member, Laurie has led initiatives that will inspire and engage our students. She will continue to advocate for programs that help every child to excel from year to year, and to graduate with the tools they will need to be productive citizens of the world who can think critically and follow their dreams.

In pursuit of excellence and equity in our schools, Laurie’s accomplishments included: working tirelessly to lead the District as it confronted and overcame the worst of the COVID pandemic, providing teachers and students with the resources they needed to maintain learning throughout the closure period, resulting in SMMUSD students outperforming their peers after one year of school closures; ensuring that teachers and staff were vaccinated prior to returning to classrooms; and carefully and efficiently establishing necessary safety protocols so that SMMUSD was the first district to re-open in LA County.

She also:

  • Advocated adoption of social justice standards into K-12 curriculum along with adoption of an American cultures and ethnic studies requirement ahead of what is now a state mandate; continues to ensure implementation of both initiatives

  • Implemented inquiry- and project-based learning and other 21st century classroom innovations at all schools to inspire greater student engagement

  • ​​Supported applying restorative justice principles to student discipline as part of our commitment to fostering greater respect and appreciation between students.

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Laurie Lieberman*
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