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Our Endorsements for 2022

As voters consider their choices in the upcoming November 8th election, CEPS is proud to endorse these Santa Monica community leaders who have demonstrated that they make education a top priority, We believe these candidates will make certain that support for education and public schools, including after-school programs, early childhood education, and post-secondary public education, will be public investment priorities.

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Santa Monica City Council

Lana Negrete

Small Business Owner

Lana is a native, SAMO alum, renter, small business owner and mother

Caroline Torosis

Santa Monica Rent Control Board Commissioner/Attorney

Standing up for those in need to ensure a thriving, inclusive, an welcoming city for all.

Natalya Zernitskaya

Financial Analyst

Community leader & Pico neighborhood renter

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education

Alicia Mignano*

Businesswoman & SMMUSD Mom

Alicia will offer a fresh perspective on closing the achievement gap.

Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein*

College Professor

Richard works every day to make the joy of learning a reality so all kids can thrive.

Laurie Lieberman*

Current Board Member

Laurie advocates for programs to help every child excel.

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees

Sion Roy*

Physician, Santa Monica College Trustee

Barry Snell*

CPA/Santa Monica College Trustee

A passionate voice for public education & proven community leader

Nancy Greenstein*

Santa Monica College Trustee

Upholding SMC's tradition of excellence

Tom Peters*

Professor (Ret.)

Dr. Tom Peters is running for Board of Trustees with three incumbents

State Assembly District 51

State Proposition 28: Vote Arts & Music - SUPPORT

Without raising taxes, Prop 28 will increase funding for instruction in arts and music in California’s public schools. CEPS is proud to have always supported the quality education in arts and music offered by SMMSUD and believes that kids across the state should have the chance to expand their intellectual development and prepare for the arts jobs of the future.

Music Class
College Students

Local Measure SMC - SUPPORT

Provides capital funds to continue the modernization of the Santa Monica College campus, to create housing for low-income students and to provide technology upgrades to meet the needs of a rapidly changing post-secondary education.

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Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.

*In-kind contribution

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