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Tom Peters*

Professor (Ret.)

Dr. Tom Peters recently retired from the faculty of Santa Monica College and its Center for Students with Disabilities. Now he seeks the challenge of serving on the SMC's Board of Trustees.

Among Dr. Peters' accomplishments included:

  • Helped secure over $50,000 in donations to the SANTA MONICA-MALIBU EDUCATION FOUNDATION through the SMC FACULTY ASSOCIATION to help local students

  • Former member of Student Affairs Committee, Faculty Association Executive Board, and Center for Students with Disabilities’ Scholarship Committee

  • Developed the DEPARTMENTAL ACCESSIBILITY TEAM of faculty members to support colleagues to ensure all classroom and online materials was accessible & usable for all students

  • Volunteered on FOOD PANTRY DRIVE to feed SMC students during pandemic and RENTERS’ HOTLINE to help distressed tenants

About Tom

Tom is a combat Vietnam war veteran, holds a Doctorate in Business Administration and recently retired from Santa Monica College after serving students as a full-time tenured professor in the High Tech Center lab located in the Center for Students with Disabilities.

Tom worked for 30 years for National Steel Corp. in the Detroit, MI area. Obtained his bachelors degree the G.I. Bill and his master’s degree from an education fund available through the United Steelworkers of America. While at National Steel and the USWA/Local 1299 he operated hot metal cranes and later became an electrician. Tom was active in the Local 1299 as a shop steward and did union organizing work in northern Michigan. He retired at 48 years old and moved to the Los Angeles area in 1998 to start a career as a school administrator and teacher. In 2005, Tom was hired at Santa Monica College as a part-time teacher and later as a tenured full-time professor. “Best 15 years of my life!” Tom would proclaim.


Tom Peters*
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