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Alicia Mignano*

Businesswoman & SMMUSD Mom

Alicia Mignano is an Edison parent living in the Pico neighborhood of Santa Monica. Since moving to Santa Monica, she has been very involved at Edison, and have spent numerous hours volunteering at both the school and district levels. As an immigrant and an English Language Learner, Alicia believes that she can offer a different perspective on how to address the achievement gap, and how to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools.

She hopes to continue this trend by giving our students the best opportunities for their future success. To prepare them further, she hopes to be involved in:

  • Supporting our Excellence through Equity Plan

  • Strengthening students’ mental health support

  • Promoting Fiscal and Environmental Sustainability

  • Restoring Muir and SMASH as community schools

  • Supporting SMEF’s District-wide fundraising efforts

  • Completing all ES projects and District maintenance plans

Alicia Mignano*
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